Global Product Suite for Seamless Cross Border Trade

Aeon provides global accounts, facilitates collection and payouts and offers FX conversion across multiple geographies.

Global Accounts

Global Accounts from Aeon allow you to collect and hold funds, and make fast payouts in 35+ currencies, including HKD, USD, SGD, GBP, AUD, EUR, CAD, CNY, CHF, DKK, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK, and more.

Our advanced platform lets you open global multi-currency accounts within minutes, all while ensuring compliance with local regulations. Enjoy streamlined and cost-effective payouts compared to traditional banking methods.

Global Payouts

Global Payouts from Aeon lets you safely send funds to 180 markets.

Send at a lower cost with fast payouts to multiple geographies and currencies leveraging our local payment infrastructure.

Global FX

Move money internationally with the ease and simplicity of domestic payments without worrying about currency fluctuation risks.

Get Paid

Get Paid from Aeon is the simple way to receive money locally with speed and ease. Receive and hold multiple currencies globally into your Aeon wallet.

Perfect for businesses of any size – SMEs, Enterprises, FIIs, Freelancers, etc. Get Paid streamlines the process of receiving funds seamlessly. Setting up your account is easy.Just upload your invoice, share your account details and request money with a few clicks.

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