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About Us

Powering frictionless global payments

At Aeon, we’re at the forefront of a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Today, there’s a growing need for quick, cross-border transactions as traditional finance gets disrupted. Through our state-of-the-art payments system, we’re driving this revolution, enabling businesses globally to send and receive payments effortlessly, regardless of location or currency.

Country Coverage for International Payments

Make Local currency payments to over 35 countries worldwide and USD Payments to over 180 countries.

We recognized a need to build an approachable payment solution for businesses to grow in the global economy

We founded Aeon with a vision to revolutionize international money transfers and payments. Drawing from our experience with other group companies, we realized the need for an efficient solution that enabled us to send money to foreign suppliers, receive money from global customers and maintaining foreign exchange balances in multiple currencies.

Ankit Lunia

Founder and CEO

The Aeon Story

Aeon is the custom solution for seamless global payments, catering to businesses of any size with cost savings that empower any business to thrive in the international market.

From SMEs to large enterprises, financial institutions, and banks, we streamline international transactions for trade, salary transfers, and vendor payments.

Why the name "Aeon"? (Pronounced A-ON)

Derived from the Sanskrit word “Eon,” which signifies an immeasurable and everlasting period, Aeon embodies the timeless essence of continuity and evolution.
Our goal at Aeon is to eliminate geographical restrictions and facilitate seamless financial transactions across borders. Through ongoing innovation, we provide businesses with a secure, efficient, and enduring platform for global payments.

Our Culture

Aeon’s culture is one of diversity and collaboration. We thrive on innovation, teamwork, and a shared passion for simplifying the flow of money across borders. We focus on continuous growth and embrace challenges as opportunities. Aeon is a global payments team dedicated to shaping the future of fintech.


To eliminate friction in global payments, enabling our customers to focus on their growth in the global marketplace.


To provide businesses of any size with a transformative payment platform that simplifies paying and getting paid globally.


To establish ourselves as the standard for fast, global money movement.

Our Guiding Pillars

Global Connectivity

Ensuring fast and effortless transactions worldwide.

Innovation Hub

Revolutionizing global payments through technological innovation.

Strength in Collaboration

Thriving through strategic partnerships and alliances with global technology leaders.

Customer Focus

Building relationships based on trust, transparency, and excellent user experience.

Security & Reliability

Safeguarding transactions with robust measures.

Transparency & Trust

Welcoming businesses of any size to benefit from our services, fostering growth and success for every enterprise.

Our Leadership Team

Ankit Lunia
Ankit Lunia CEO
As CEO, Ankit Lunia leverages extensive international financial strategy expertise to drive Aeon’s innovative and sustainable growth. Ankit’s strong leadership shapes the company’s strategic direction and drives its mission forward. His visionary approach and profound market insights position Aeon as a leader in the fintech industry.
Malay Matalia
Malay Matalia Chief Business Officer
As Chief Business Officer, Malay Matalia directs Aeon’s strategic growth with a focus on regulatory compliance and improving international payments. Drawing from diverse industry experience, Malay leads global cross-border payments and digital banking, forging strategic partnerships crucial for organizational growth.
Kasia Pawlowski
Kasia Pawlowski CFO
As CFO, Kasia spearheads Aeon’s financial strategies and operations. Her wealth of experience and expertise position her well to navigate the complexities of finance with precision and foresight. Kasia’s leadership ensures robust financial strategies aligned with Aeon’s business objectives, driving growth and success.
Ruchika Kohli
Ruchika Kohli CMO
Ruchika leads Aeon’s transformative marketing strategies, with a focus on digital banking and payments across diverse global markets, driving the marketing vision forward. Ruchika brings a wealth of experience from companies like Western Union, Xoom (PayPal), Nium, and Remitly, specializing in marketing and digital innovation.
Ankit Lunia
Ankit Lunia CEO
Malay Matalia
Malay Matalia Chief Business Officer
Kasia Pawlowski
Kasia Pawlowski Finance Director
Ruchika Kohli
Ruchika Kohli Marketing & Digital Leader

Advisory Board

Surendra Lunia
Surendra Lunia

As the visionary founder of NexG, Mr. Surendra Lunia brings over four decades of unparalleled experience in spearheading high-tech ventures. His entrepreneurial journey is marked by a series of successful incubations, driving the Infotel Group to the forefront of the technology and telecommunications industries.

Ram Rastogi
Ram Rastogi

With over four decades of expertise in Digital Payments Strategy spanning banking, payments, and financial inclusion, Mr. Rastogi is a seasoned professional renowned for his invaluable contributions to businesses, governments, and organizations worldwide. His vast experience and strategic insights have been instrumental as an Aeon Advisor in designing and implementing innovative payment solutions that drive growth and efficiency.

Bruce Norgren
Bruce Norgren
As head of Global Compliance, Bruce Norgren brings a wealth of experience in compliance and partnership cultivation. His guidance is key in fortifying Aeon’s position as a robust compliance driven FinTech.

Security & Compliance

Licensed and Regulated

Based in one of the world’s most respected financial hubs, we are licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Authentication at All Step

We use the most advanced systems that technology has to offer to protect your privacy and money transfer requests.

Trusted & Experienced Team

We are a team of payment and technology professionals with many years of experience in banking and finance.

Customer Testimonials

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Aeon, is part of the Infotel Group

The Infotel Group is a prominent innovator and investor across industries like Telecom, IT, and Fintech. In addition to the incubation efforts, Infotel is a trusted IT solutions provider, delivering managed services, network infrastructure, and expert consultation. The group’s overarching commitment is to empower entrepreneurs, drive sustainable practices, and shape a more interconnected world.
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