Go-to-Market fast with Your Payment Application

Develop, deploy, and manage your payment applications directly from our single-view dashboard. Empower payment teams with self-serve tools, feature-rich applications, and intuitive instrumentation.

Full Transparency for all your Global Account Transactions

Empower your global treasury management with greater control.

With the Aeon Platform, you’ll get comprehensive insight into all your payment operations. Access detailed information on wallet currencies, account balances, sender and recipient bank details, as well as transaction specifics at the recipient level. Mangage your global financial activities with ease using Aeon’s advanced features.

Track Transactions for Instant Visibility

Leverage the capabilities of the Aeon Platform to stay on top of transactions of various kinds with custom filters and time periods. Users can generate reports and conduct searches across transactions, ensuring seamless monitoring and real-time transparency.

Neo Banks

Reduce Costs & Streamline Your International Payments

As a Neo Bank, you understand the importance of seamless payment processing for your clients. Aeon provides a reliable and efficient solution, ensuring secure and cost-effective transactions that will benefit your organization.


Global Pay-In and Pay-Out Services

As a fintech company, you often make frequent and sizable payments to employees, vendors, and other parties across the world. Using Banks to make these transfers can be expensive, with high fees, currency conversion mark ups, and other hidden costs.

Wealth Management

As a wealth management company, you often deal with the flow of funds across borders for your clients – which can be costly and time-consuming due to high fees and slow processing times. Our multi-currency accounts can be used to “collect, hold, convert and pay” efficiently. You can streamline your payment processes, save time, easily track your payments and provide better service to your clients.

What our customers are saying about the Aeon Platform

Rivkin Capital - Kavin Bakhda, Senior Loan Specialist, London

AEON’s global payment products have exceeded our expectations. The platform is user-friendly, secure, and has opened up new opportunities for our business to expand globally.

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